Skyping with New Zealand

image imageWe had a quick Skype with Mr.Webb’s class in Auroa School, New Zealand today. We met at 2:30pm our time which was 8:30 am tomorrow in New Zealand. Only a few of their kids were at school, others were late due to icy roads! Thank you so much for Skyping with us even before your school day started.

In charge of our side were Keegan, Kai, Jesse, Mack and Kailee. Great job, kids!

We didn’t have enough time to show all of our money, so here it is.

We did talk about their farms, school and sports they play. We told them about our school, town, hockey and a bit about our money.

It was a real treat for us to be able to talk to kids in New Zealand! How cool is that. We were surprised to realize it is their winter!


Our friends in New Zealand




We are so impressed with what the kids in room3@auroa school know about Canada! We made our own list of what we know about New Zealand. Right now, we have a short list, but we are eager to learn more.

New Zealand has earthquakes.
There are cows in NZ.
There are kiwiw birds and kiwi fruit.
Some speak Maori.
There are glow worms in New Zealand.
Soccer is called football.
They play cricket. We played cricket when Mr. Humphrey was here.
Mrs. G’s sister and nephew have been there a few times.

Rodeo Weekend


Cowboy Jake Brown from Ponoka, AB found some altitude on saddle bronc Royal Fever during his ride to qualify for a berth in the main Kinsmen Club of Brooks rodeo.
Photo | Hugo Brees Imagery



Steer wrestling isn’t as easy as it seems. Raymond, AB cowboy Jessie Heggie missed his steer out of the chute for a no time for his efforts in this event.
Photo | Hugo Brees Imagery



Pro rodeo circuit saddle bronc rider Dustin Flundra of Pincher Creek, AB tested his skills with a 64.0 ride on Kessler Stock’s Capitol Hill bronc.
Photo | Hugo Brees Imagery

These photos and text are from the Brooks and County Chronicle.

(Volume 19 Issue 43     June 7, 2015)


Yay! It’s the parade!

The theme this year is ‘innovation in agriculture’. We have a parade every year on Rodeo weekend. It is a great week of pancake breakfasts, fun mini-chuck wagon races, a midway and of course, the rodeo!

(PS Sorry about how dark the pictures are. We have a great place to sit, under some trees. It’s not too hot on beautiful days like this year, plus it gives us some shelter if it is raining. Unfortunately, it’s not great for photos.)